About Us
CrossWoC is a six-week long opensource event organised by IEEE DTU & IEEE DTU CS, which gives programmers and innovators an opportunity to bring out their nascent talent and find intriguing solutions to real-world problems. It provides a platform for developers to dig deeper into their gray matter and bring out their latent creativity through open source.

One of the biggest IEEE Student branches in Delhi, IEEE DTU has emerged as the most active & prolific student organisation in the past 35 years. With over 400 active student members. IEEE DTU provides students extensive opportunities for skill development in various domains of engineering by actively organising seminars, SIGS and workshops by senior members of the organisation and collaborating with other premier institutions.

This is the first edition of CrossWoC conducted by IEEE DTU & IEEE DTU CS, and it will be held from 13th February, 2020, to 28th March, 2020.
Why Sponsor CrossWoC ?

Creative Solutions

CrossWoC can be an inspiring change for young programmers, instilling in them a zeal to expand the horizons of their creativity, thus fuelling them towards making contributions for the open source companies. The event is a platform for nascent coders to experience the world of open source, giving them an opportunity to push the envelope of it’s infinite possibilities by putting their skills to use. CrossWoC could attract many innovative minds which can uplift the development culture in the domain.

Handpicked Talents

Get Contributors or Hire talent Open Source companies can use CrossWoC as a platform to get new contributors to their platform. We will have a wide array of talented contributors who after taking baby steps in CrossWoC can be selected at higher levels. Companies can even give out open hiring tasks via CrossWoC.

Wide Audience

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