What is CrossWoC ?
CrossWoC is a six-week long opensource event organised by IEEE DTU & IEEE DTU CS, which gives programmers and innovators an opportunity to bring out their nascent talent and find intriguing solutions to real-world problems. It provides a platform for developers to dig deeper into their gray matter and bring out their latent creativity through open source.

When is CrossWoc?
This is the first edition of CrossWoC conducted by IEEE DTU & IEEE DTU CS, and it will be held from February, 2020, to 28th March, 2020.

Who, when, what, how ?


As a mentor, we expect you to know that the major goal of the program is to help new students to understand the paradigm of open source contribution and increase their expertise level on Git and GitHub

Exciting Prizes
All the mentors will be awarded with the exciting prizes after the event finishes.


There are five main criteria to be a mentor in KWoC:
1. You must have one or more projects on GitHub with merge access
2. Your project(s) have more than two easy-to-fix and at least one moderate level issues
3. You must have a dedicated public communication channel for each project, where all the conversation regarding the project will happen
4. Your project must have a descriptive README
5. KWoC organizers approve your project(s)

Why should I apply

Boost your project
Do you have a project which you had started months ago and now you don’t find time to add new features to it or fix small issues? - You must apply. For the students, it’s about the contributions. And for you, it’s about keeping your project alive and going strong!

Nurture your idea into reality
Do you have an idea in your mind about a small or significant utility and want to make it real this December vacation? - You must apply too. You’ll have to lay down the groundwork and sidewise can help a bunch of students to convert your idea into reality!

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